We believe that the Audit of the annual accounts must be something more that just meeting a legal requirement.

It should also be a chance to analyze performance, identify risks, find opportunities for cost reduction, etc..

Therefore, we want not only to help our clients to satisfy the growing demands of transparency, but also to contribute, keeping our Independence, to a better understanding of their businesses.

In addition to the audit of the annual accounts, we offer a range of solutions, like limited reviews or agreed-upon procedures reports, with a lesser scope than an audit, that can meet specific assurance needs without the scrutiny level involved in an audit.


In times of volatility, ascertaining the value of a business or an asset is a growingly complex task. In this área, we use the most advanced and suitable valuation techniques.

We provide our clients with objective advice in their evaluation of a transaction project, to ensure that the right decisión to proceed, or not, is taken. Our services include due diligence, valuations, post-acquisition analysis, etc.


We have a wide experience as expert witnesses for establishing the value of a business, damages and lost profits calculations, etc. We keep a constant dialogue with our clients and their legal advisers that help us to fulfill and exceed expectations.


We want to help our clients to plan and execute their strategy in an effective and efficient way. Our services in this field include strategy development, organizational reviws, business model diagnostics, reviews of business plan and feasabilty studies.


We have an in-depth knowledge of the different kinds of government grants regulations, and our wide experience as supporting accounts reviewers enable us to perform a fast and effective grant saudit that really set us apart.

We have also been appointed as first-level controllers in over thirty projects financed by FEDER. We have reviewed VII Framework Program projects, projects financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, by CDTI and by Xunta of Galicia, among others. Our clients can be sure that we will review their grants in a prompt and efficient way.